Hi all,Shoes…!!! sounds interesting huh? Every girl must have the following  6 types of shoes for all kinds of occasions and complete all the needs.Platform heels

Stilletoes can’t be ignored from the must haves but many people don’t find them comfortable. In that case you can replace it with platform heels. You can’t afford to wear stilletoes whole day or at dance parties because its kind of painful but platform heels would be suitable for whole day or parties.

Kitten heels

These also get an important place in must haves. Whenever you don’t want to wear big heels, you will need kitten heels. These are smart, feminine and glamorous.

Wedge sandals


Wedge heel is the most comfortable heel so I don’t need to explain what makes them important.

Block boots

I say block heel boots because after wedges, block heels are most comfortable. During winters boots are mostly used and heels should be comfortable.

Flip flops or flats

When you desire for a day without heels you will need flats or flip flops. Its good to take a break from heels sometimes.


Last but not the least shoes for casual occasions.


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