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New year is here and its time to make new resolutions. I am illustrating some resolutions so that you can exchange your bad habits with the good ones.Remove makeup every night
Make sure that you remove every single particle of makeup before you rest in your bed. Let your skin breath and give it a break from all the chemicals.

Start using anti aging creams
Precaution is better than cure. Don’t wait for wrinkles to appear but start using anti aging creams to delay them. Creams containing retinols, a vitamin-A derivative, packs a major anti-aging punch: It fights wrinkles, dark spots, dullness, and more. It boosts collagen and makes your skin cells turn over more quickly, making skin plumper and fresher-looking. So slap some on right after you cleanse your face every night.

Never miss sun block
Make sure that you wear sun block everyday. If not everyday than every time you step out of home. Sun is damages skin more than anything.
Use skin brush
If you are not able to find a scrub, peel or exfoliator that suits your skin or you have very sensitive skin then try a skin brush. This is great way to exfoliate skin without using any product.
Use a BB cream
BB creams live up to all the hype it created. These beauty balms give coverage, protects from sunlight and treat skin problems.

Colored eyes
Try a new color every month.

Glossy eyes
Not just glossy lips but try glossy eye makeup too
Don’t neglect your cheeks
Find your perfect blush to get the healthy glowing face.
Upgrade your blowout
Create more healthy looking loose curls.
Take the change with braids
Even butterfingers can try the new styles—the best braids are a bit messy, mussed up, and sexy.

Update your fragrance collection
Its good to try new fragrances. broaden the horizon of your fragrances


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