Nobody likes grey hair unless you are 60 or you dye them grey. The main reason of premature greying is just not limited to shampoo or conditioner it is more than that. Your eating habits, lifestyle and care, all of them equally affect on hair health.

Grey hair may happen because of unhealthy food, stress, lesser than normal hemoglobin or wrong products. So if you have already seen 1,2 or 10 grey hair … don’t worry, you can control other hair not to turn grey. Do the following things religiously:

Control stress

Control your tension and stress with exercising. Dedicating 15 mins to Meditation or Yoga will always keep you at peace and happy.


Intake Amla, beetroot and carrots in your daily diet in form of salads or juice. I prefer juice of all the three things. It will provide necessary nutrition, minerals and vitamin C to body.


Olive oil and almond oil are rich in vitamin E. Coconut oil hydrates and conditions. Massage your hair with olive oil/ coconut oil and almond oil before every wash. It’s better if you keep it overnight.

Ditch your shampoo and conditioner

Yes, no matter what brand you are using… they all are made of chemicals. Stop using any kind of shampoo or conditioner. Instead, use fuller’s earth as hair cleanser. you can use baking soda also as hair cleanser, but that may not take out all the oil. But if you wash your hair with fullers earth it will take out all the oil and the you don’t need to use any kind of conditioner.

If you think it makes your hair dry then you can use Beer or Apple cider Vinegar as hair conditioner.

I hope now you have happier and healthier hair. If you have any query regarding hair care, ask me in the comment section.

Good luck





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