Hey gals,

hot legs

My little sister asked me yesterday, how does these models have hot legs always?  She was curious to know if it  is possible that she can also have that? How does their skinlook so flawless and firm?

Then I told her, a little effort and a little makeup can give you desired legs.

Exfoliate: Sloughing off dead skin is critical. An oil-based scrub like Organic surge tropical begamot body scrub will leave legs with a sheen.
Moisturize: Wear moisturizer such as H2O Sea Marine triple Body CreamIt makes skin glow.”
Warm up: Don’t fear leg makeup. Do the  leg makeup which dries quickly, looks natural and doesn’t rub off with clothes.
Highlight: “Draw a line down the center of legs, front and back, thigh to toes with Lakme Absolute Moon- Lit Highlighter.
Good Luck!
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